World MAZE Race at May 17th-23rd. Save the dates!

World Orienteering Day have for 2023 a cooperation with World MAZE Race. This means that you will be able to register your maze orienteering event as a World Orienteering Day event. World MAZE Race is both an easy way for organiser to arrange and easy for participants to understand. On the 14th of February Göran […]

The winner of World MAZE Race 2022

At last, we are happy to inform you that we have got the final results of the second global World MAZE Race 2022. Almost 900 athletes have carried out the 100 m long maze race all over the world. 32 events in 11 countries were registered. We will send the winner of each class an […]

Blind-O-Maze at 10MILA

Next week, 10MILA will be carried out outside Örebro in Sweden. Together with the organizers, we set up the MAZE throughout Saturday. Here you can run different courses, duel against each other and participate in a special MAZE competition with a lot of prizes. In addition, the project “Vägvisaren” is in place to implement Blind-O-Maze […]

Time to beat! 2 days more to report!

More and more results are reporting from organizers all around the world. The result list will be finalize on Sunday October 10th at 24:00 (Swedish time) and right now the best three results in each class are as follow (you will find all results at the following link Youth Men 1/ Kopylov Alexander, Russia […]

Beyond the limits; World MAZE Race

World MAZE Race, 93 events in 34 countries! In a few days, the first global World MAZE Race will be held worldwide. 93 events in 34 countries are much more than our expectations. It is incredibly gratifying that so many people want to arrange the World MAZE Race and thus develop the orienteering sport to […]

Photos from Olympic Festival

During three days we had 1300 visitors to our MAZE. It was a great success and once again we were showing that orienteering can be incredible fun. Please see photos from Stockholm Stadion and Maze-O at the following link: You are free to use all photos and please mention the photographer Michael Thulin.

Only 3 weeks to GO!

World MAZE Race is coming closer and closer, only 3 weeks to GO! On Friday-Sunday, October 1-3 you have the possibility to organize one of the Maze Raze as part of the global event “World MAZE Race”. You are free to organize all three days, or you choose which day you want to conduct the […]

Success at the Olympic Festival

What a day!!! Almost 400 kids in the Maze-O at Olympic Festival in Stockholm Stadion. Attractive, accessible, visible and arena friendly. Maybe this is the short cut to the Olympics… But first we have to implement the global competition “World MAZE Race”. In 3 weeks, October 1-3, you can carry out your event somewhere in […]

Report from Portugal

A short and very nice report from Portugal. You can see the photos and video at this link. Best regards Jorge Baltazar