Beyond the limits; World MAZE Race

World MAZE Race, 93 events in 34 countries!

In a few days, the first global World MAZE Race will be held worldwide. 93 events in 34 countries are much more than our expectations. It is incredibly gratifying that so many people want to arrange the World MAZE Race and thus develop the orienteering sport to a higher level. This activity is perhaps the piece of the puzzle that the International Orienteering Federation needs to work on in order to reach its main goal, to become an Olympic sport.

In our neighboring municipality, Hedemora, the World MAZE Race will be held on Friday, while we, Dalaporten’s OL together with Avesta OK, will arrange the World MAZE Race on Saturday. If you have the opportunity to participate in any of these events, you are most welcome. Otherwise, you will find all the events at

But before this premiere, Dalaporten’s OL will hold an open club championship in “SprintMAZE” tomorrow outside the ”Metropoolen” in Avesta. Maze-Sprint-Maze-Sprint-Maze is the order of this 2,5 km long orienteering course (see the maps on my Facebook page). Maybe this form of competition will attract the Olympic delegates …?

Beyond the limits; World MAZE Race!