Imagine the same maze and the same courses at the same time, in major cities around the world, London, New York, Buenos Aires, Singapore, Sydney, Beijing, Moscow, Cairo, Paris, Stockholm and in many small towns and villages as well.

A global MAZE-Orienteering all over the world! What a challenge and what an event! Do you want to join us in “World MAZE Race”?

Save the date, Saturday May 29th  2021.


What is MAZE Orienteering?

In the same way as the new Olympic sports “speed-climbing”, “surfing”, “breakdance” and “skateboard” we might consider the power of MAZE-O as a marketing activity and as a new format for competition. Maybe MAZE-O is the easiest way to conduct an orienteering activity and maybe MAZE-O can be the short-cut for orienteering to take part in the Olympics.

Our Partners

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