We have a WINNER!!!
The final results are now completed!

At last, we are happy to inform you that we have got a final results of the first global World MAZE Race. Almost 1000 athletes have carried out the 142 m long maze race all over the world. 97 events in 35 countries were registered.

We will send the winner of each class an unique “Avesta Horse” designed by the local artist Fredrik Stenvall and Pernilla Semb. The 15 cm high horse is painted in World MAZE Race colours, ie black, orange and white. You will find all results at the following link: https://liveresultat.orientering.se/followfull.php?lang=sv&comp=19233

The WINNERS in each class are:

Youth Men             1/ Kopylov Alexander, Russia      1:09

Youth Women       1/ Antonina Strózycka, Poland    1:16

Senior Men            1/ Kasimir Gregory, Australia      1:13

Senior Women      1/ WONG Yi Shan, Hong Kong    1:43

Masters Men         1/ Carlos Garcia, Portugal           1:31

Masters Women   1/ Fátima Emaúz, Portugal          1:29

World MAZE Race 2022 will be conducted at MAY 27-29! Please save the dates!

Beyond the limits; World MAZE  Race



WorldMAZERace in "Lilla Sportspegeln

On Thursday May 6th, the program “Lilla Sportspegeln” at Swedish Television (SVT) showed Maze Orienteering during 4 minutes. Please enjoy orienteering as a intensive, fun and attractive sport for kids. You can watch the program world wide until May 6th 2022 at the link as follow:
You are free to use it for promotion and marketing orienteering in all countries of the world!


What is MAZE Orienteering?

In the same way as the new Olympic sports “speed-climbing”, “surfing”, “breakdance” and “skateboard” we might consider the power of MAZE-O as a marketing activity and as a new format for competition. Maybe MAZE-O is the easiest way to conduct an orienteering activity and maybe MAZE-O can be the short-cut for orienteering to take part in the Olympics.

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