Report from Australia

Many thanks for coordinating the MAZE Race.  We had great fun yesterday.  Running the same maze across our three venues worked well and created lots of interest and engagement.  Many people did the practice courses and the duel is a great innovation.  We will certainly be keen for next year.  Having had a practice this […]

Report from Japan

The World MAZE Race in Japan was held in Nagoya sunny today. It was a great success with many participants. Not only 25 participants for WMR but also so many for training courses.  There were many visitors to the park, they were interested in the events. The following link was my friend’s Facebook post. He […]

WorldMAZERace in “Lilla Sportspegeln”

On Thursday May 6th, the program “Lilla Sportspegeln” at Swedish Television (SVT) showed Maze Orienteering during 4 minutes. Please enjoy orienteering as a intensive, fun and attractive sport for kids. You can watch the program world wide until May 6th 2022 at the link as follow: SVT-Lilla Sportspegeln You are free to use it for […]

The Avesta Horse is completed

During the dark evenings of the winter and in the dim light of the lamp, the artists Fredrik Stenvall and Pernilla Semb have completed “the Avesta Horse”. Fredrik has carved with a knife and Pernilla has painted the Avesta Horse with small brushes.  The 15 cm high horse is painted in World MAZE Race colours, […]

Norbergs OK number 50

We have reached another milestone regarding the number of registered events to the World MAZE Race 2021. 50 events in 25 countries! The target of 100 events this year still feels realistic. We have understood that many people are waiting until the last minute to register due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and that […]

2 months to GO!

We are getting closer and closer. Today it’s only 2 months to go until the World MAZE Race will be carried out and we are looking forward to getting participants from all continents of the world. We have already received registration from 48 organizers in 24 countries and 5 Continents! It sounds great! The awards […]

Taking Covid-19 into account

The Covid-19 pandemic in the world looks set to continue. The development of the pandemic is uncertain, but hopefully the spread will decrease thanks to many different measures, such as vaccination. All countries have different restrictions and recommendations to stop the pandemic. We follow the development of Covid-19, both nationally and internationally. We do not […]

MAZE duel

MAZE duel in night orienteering, Skogsbo school. After three days with MAZE orienteering for all students at Skogsbo school we finished with duels in MAZE orienteering with headlamps in the dark sport hall. A little bit more difficult compared to the daylight but very FUN! Please watch the video at Youtube: If you want […]

Blue Course

During this week, our club Dalaportens OL visits Skogsbo School in Avesta to implement MAZE Orienteering during PE lessons. Yesterday was the first session we carried out the MAZE. Please follow one of the students, Joline Sandberg, through the “Blue Course”. The link to Youtube: Tonight we are running “indoor maze night orienteering”.

Pre World MAZE Race!

Tomorrow is the start of Maze Orienteering in all schools in Avesta. We start indoors at Skogsbo School and then continue outdoors during the months of April and May at most primary schools in Avesta. In connection with the PE lessons, all school classes will have the opportunity to complete maze orienteering before participating in […]