Our Partners

EMIT timekeeping

Emit is market-leading in the Nordic region regarding development and sale of timing systems for orienteering, cross-country skiing, biathlon and many other sports. Our EKT system for orienteering has been on the market since 1994. Please read more at https://emit.no/en/

Str8 Compasses

Str8 is a new player in the compass market and they have all already established themselves as “the best compass”. The Str8 Compass is the original innovative design thumb compass combining precision and accuracy in every element. Developed by a life-long Orienteering family, the Str8 is the next generation thumb compass. Motivated by the belief that good design has the capacity to enhance all performances, Str8 was born from a need to offer a compass that would improve the accuracy of navigating and enjoyment of the competition.

With Str8 First introduces a new compass that changes the way to learn orienteering and navigation. A new ergonomic design compass with great accuracy for direction allows the freedom to focus on map reading. Str8’s belief in innovative and practical design shines with a rotating capsule and performance level needle. The easy to use universal fit system perfectly fits all hand sizes. Please read more at https://www.str8compass.com/

Bagheera Sportswear

Bagheera AB is a Swedish company founded in 1981 in Avesta, Dalarna. The head office is still here in Avesta and we develop and design all products here.

With sustainability, environment and function as guiding principles, we offer well-designed and easy-combined clothing and shoes. Our products are developed so that everyone – from active children to elite athletes – can perform their best at every sporting occasion.

Our target is to make products that are gentle on both the environment and humans. One way we do this is to certify products with Oeko-tex®. Another example is that many of our outer garments make use of the Bionic Finish Eco® is an impregnation as naturally and effectively mimics nature’s own function. The next generation is as important to us as it is to you!

We supply a variety of clubs and businesses and this year we are also proud supplier to the Swedish National Team in Orienteering. Please read more at https://bagheera.se/

Octopus Medical AB

Octopus Medical AB distributes the latest technology in medical technology products, primarily in the areas of thoracic surgery, cardiology / radiology, vascular surgery, circulatory products / orthoses and perfusion to hospitals in Sweden and Norway.

Some of their products can with great pleasure also be used in sports for preventive purposes. Above all, the ankle protection “Vacotalus” is especially useful in sports such as orienteering, basketball, handball and floorball.

Octopus Medical AB was founded in 1995 and the company Limedic AB was acquired in 2000. In 2010, their Norwegian office Octopus Medical AS was formed.

You can find their products at: https://shop.limedic.se/vacotalus-vata


The Lumonite story began in Finland, where long and harsh winters create extreme conditions for lighting. In our former multibrand e-shop specialized in portable lighting solutions, we searched, tested and sold hundreds of light products, from countless different suppliers, from all over the world. We managed to notice that the best qualities of lamps are not always inclined to be put into the same product. If any of the lights were efficient, then they probably lacked the required simplicity. If another lamp was durable and easy to use, then its performance was probably well below par.

On the basis of the feedback given to us over the years and through our own experience, a picture began to emerge, showing us which qualities are required from lights in different situations. We collected experience from hobby, as well as professional surroundings, in order to find the correct products for our product range.

Having sold thousands of lamps, we gradually started to understand what is required of the perfect lamp. By combining the best qualities of different lights, we had already managed to imagine the perfect light. The only remaining problem we had was that it did not exist – yet.

As mediocrity has never satisfied us, we realized that we needed to do something about this situation. As there were no solutions to this problem yet, we decided to build a solution ourselves. Engineers who had worked in the Valostore for many years combined their know-how and lamp expertize and began to design something completely new. That is the way we work here at Lumonite, piece by piece we made the thing that had haunted our thoughts for years into a reality.

When we started designing Lumonite-products, we agreed that we will never bargain over performance. Also, differently from some other solutions, we decided that effectiveness should not push aside first-class quality. Our third basic pillar was one that many lights and competitors have failed to successfully deliver: usability.

The Finnish Lumonite-products are designed so that anyone is able to use them.In 2015, the most successful orienteer of all time Thierry Gueorgiou contacted us. He told himself to have tested almost every possible orienteering lamp and ended up considering Lumonite Navigator the best. He asked if we were interested in cooperation with him. Nowadays, not only Thierry, but the whole club Kalevan Rasti among countless of other elite orienteers use Lumonite lamps in their training and races. We have also involved Thierry in Lumonite product development team. More information about Lumonite: https://www.valostore.se/produkter/pannlampa/