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  • Upon purchase of 10-24 pieces, you pay €17.99/pc (40% OFF)


  • Upon purchase of 25 pieces or more, the price is €14.99/pc (50% OFF). Regular price is €29.99.

The functions of ”Str8 Original” (one the absolute best compass you can find on the market) and the request from beginners, coaches and teachers have been merged into the new compass Str8 First. This wrist compass is the perfect beginner’s compass for interested young people and school orienteering. The compact size, with rotatable compass house and a stable needle Str8 First is ideal for a small hands and tough challenges. The strap fits securely in the hand so the user can focus on map reading and running direction.

We are incredibly happy to get Str8 as cooperation partner to World MAZE Race.


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