Special MAZE-offer; €2.990 excl VAT (25% off)

The new school-kit for orienteering and MAZE-Orienteering consists of:

  • 25 emiTags with elastic cardborebands
  • 15 Touch-Free Pro (TFP) controls (incl start and finish)
  • The new eScan2 reader
  • A thermal, bluetooth printer with rechargeable batteries
  • 15 control O-flags



EMIT’s electronic punching and timing system for orienteering has been developed in cooperation with the Norwegian and Swedish Orienteering Federation. The definitive breakthrough came in 1995 when EMIT’s equipment was used in all major international orienteering events, including the World Championships in Germany. Today EMIT is in the front of development and EMIT is a world leader of electronic punching and time keeping. This system is mainly used in cross-country skiing, biathlon, orienteering, cycling and running.

We are incredibly happy to get EMIT as cooperation partner to World MAZE Race.

You can order your EMIT-kit during all days 2021. Please send your order to: