Bulletin 1 is available

The O-Club from Avesta Sweden, Dalaportens OL, invites you to a historical orienteering event; the same course, different places, simultaneously and everywhere. You will find Bulletin 1 at “Bulletins”. When? Saturday, May 29th, 2021, 10 am – 2 pm local time. Where? Everywhere! All clubs around the world can join. In as many locations as possible. […]

The layout of the MAZE

A maze can be built in many different ways using whatever material available. Our club, Dalaportens OL, has invested in orange fences in hard plastic, 2 m long. But before that, we built the maze with banners and plastic ribbons and many small poles or just with small poles and plastic ribbons. On this page we […]

Training courses 2021

Four courses with different levels of difficulty, using the same colour scheme as alpine skiing; green, blue, red, black. Green colour indicates a very easy course, blue colour easy course, red colour moderate course and black colour indicates that the course is difficult. These courses can be used as ”warm-up” before running the ”duel” and the competition course ”World […]

A dream comes true!

A dream comes true! A global contest in MAZE orienteering in countless locations around the world, “World MAZE Race”. The same maze and the same course in all locations, but only one winner. Will the winner come from Canada, Australia, Uganda, Nepal, Norway or from the small archipelago of Kiribati? On this website you will […]