Bulletin 1 is available

The O-Club from Avesta Sweden, Dalaportens OL, invites you to a historical orienteering event; the same course, different places, simultaneously and everywhere. You will find Bulletin 1 at “Bulletins”.

When? Saturday, May 29th, 2021, 10 am – 2 pm local time.

Where? Everywhere! All clubs around the world can join. In as many locations as possible. The goal for this year is 100 locations! Each club builds the maze in a suitable location where you can also promote the club’s activities such as Permanent Course, Urban O-Race, School orienteering etc. A suitable location can be the main square, a park, a mall or the clubhouse.

How? 5 training courses (green, blue, red, black and a duel) and 1 race course (orange). A winner ”world wide” is crowned in each class as below. Dalaportens OL provides all courses.      

Classes  Youth, female and male (-16 years)

               Senior, female and male (17-35 years)

               Master, female and male (36-69 years)

               The enter is open from March 1st

The 10 first registered organizers receive 1 book “Cool, Awesome and Educational” and 1 Str8 First Compass free of charge.

You can download the bulletin here: Bulletins