23 locations in 15 countries

Clubs from China, Colombia, Italy, Jordan, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and the United Kingdom have already registered to organize a World MAZE Race event on Saturday May 29th. Please see the attached map of all countries so far. The following 10 clubs, which were the fastest to register […]

The 8 first clubs have done the registration of a World MAZE Race event

Clubs from South Africa, Thailand, Poland, Slovenia, Russia and Sweden have already done the registration to organize a World MAZE Race event on Saturday May 29th. Three clubs from Poland; UKS Dąb Leszno, UKS Energetyk Dychów and Harpagan Orienteering Club, one club from five countries; Russia, Slovenia, Thailand, South Africa and Sweden. O-Pskov from Russia, […]

Bulletin 2 is now available!

Save the date, Saturday May 29th! Dalaportens OL, Avesta Sweden, invites you to a historical orienteering; the same course, different places, simultaneously and everywhere. Welcome to World MAZE Race! Bulletin 2 is now available and you will get all necessary information to enter your event. The registration is open from March 1st and the 10 first registered organizers receive 1 book […]

100 days to GO!

We are getting closer and closer. Today it’s only 100 days to go until the World MAZE Race will be carried out and we are looking forward to getting participants from all continents of the world. We have already received pre-registration of World MAZE Race events from Japan, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda and Malaysia. It […]

Cool MAZE clothes to order!

Together with our partner Bagheera, we have developed an up-to-date design MAZE clothes. Cool patterns and awesome colours have inspired us to make the clothes attractive. The jacket, the pants, the O-Top and the tube are made in the best possible quality with many ingenious features. Do you want to be the owner of these […]