MAZE Orienteering at “Mästarnas Mästare”

Johan Olsson, Olympic and World Champion in Cross Country Skiing, and Sanna Tidstrand, World Champion in Speed Ski, are two of the participants in this year’s Swedish TV program (SVT) ”Mästarna Mästare” (Champion of the Champions).

During the coming program, the participants carry out, among many other sports, a maze orienteering. Which of the sports stars will manage the maze best? We are raffling off a World MAZE Race buff to whoever guesses correctly! You can also guess at Frida Östberg (soccer), Bengt Gustavsson (volleyball) and Johanna Larsson (tennis). Please send your answer to:
On Sunday, March 21 at 20:00, the sports stars’ ability to orientate will be tested. You can also watch the program at Please enjoy the show!

NB! We have right now 39 locations in 21 countries registered! Do you also want to join the World MAZE Race on Saturday May 29th?